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This is the first of four doglegs to the right and with a stroke index of one is rated the hardest hole on the course.

The right hand side starts with a hedge of a private house that long ago was a more modest green keeper's cottage. Further on, there are two bunkers which guard the right side of the fairway, so the safe tee shot must avoid them left to set up the ideal second shot at or into the green. This shot requires a rescue or a long iron to get home, with most of the danger to the left, firstly a long strip of heather that is unseen behind a rise but which emerges nearer to the green, and secondly an outcrop of dense gorse bushes that are invariably unplayable should they yield sight of a ball struck into them.

The green has a large bank to the front and right hand side into which is set a bunker that gathers any ball hit right or that fails to carry to the green. A pitch in should not fall short either and must also negotiate a ridge which runs across the left hand front quarter of the green. Putts at the rear of the green are generally flat and easiest, but putts at the front are usually influenced by the contours of the ridge and can be quite fast down them.

This is indeed a tough par four. If it is achieved it will feel like a birdie to most.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 458
  • Stroke Index 1

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Pro's tip

A challenging hole where your tee shot should be played to favour the left side of the fairway to avoid the bunkers. If you are going for the green with the second be sure to aim at the left edge of the green as any ball not carrying to the green will be attracted to the deep greenside bunker.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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