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This penultimate short hole sets up another demanding long shot in and its difficulty is not reflected in a stroke index at 13. The out of bounds fence and wood continues from the eleventh to dominate the entire right hand side of the hole and are particularly dangerous at the green side due to the severe slope down and into them. Most of the front and left hand side of the hole is heather, and the extreme left is framed by several pines close to the tee, beyond which is a bridle path with gorse sides that runs diagonally and eventually to the rear of the green.

The green is well set against a backdrop of pines. Its left hand side is guarded by grassy mounds and the right hand side by a run-off into two close-set bunkers. Beyond lies an out-of-bounds wood where old golf balls lie hidden beneath its marshy floor.

The ideal line is into the left hand side of the green, to counter the natural fall of the approach area, which is about the only bail-out area available. Once on the green, it is generally flat with subtle lines, particularly on the left hand side. A two putt par reflects very good golf, for it is nigh impossible to fluke a bad shot onto this green.

  • Par 3
  • Yards 221
  • Stroke Index 13

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Pro's tip

As is apparent, you do not want to miss this green on the right so aim at the left edge of the green and depend on your putter for a par or that rare birdie on this testing hole.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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