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At less than 370 yards playing length and without a bunker in sight, you might hope that the 16th will be relatively easy, but such thoughts could be quickly forgotten when you finally add up your score. The hole is a slight dog leg right, and the tee shot is to an elevated and mostly hidden plateau fairway where the line is defined by a marker pole.

From the fairway, heather completely dominates the view. The fairway ends at a ridge which descends, heather clad, into a valley and then rises to the green set between and behind the top of heather clad mounds, symmetrically placed on either side. A perfect second is the only option available, as anything short will fall back down the narrow but steep fairway corridor or back into heather where finding the ball and making any recovery onto the green are achievements well out of the routine. The green slopes quite severely particularly at the front, making long putts up the green a real test of touch and strike quality, and long putts from the rear a test of nerve too. Despite its stroke index of 15, and whilst only of drive and pitch playing length, this is nevertheless a classic West Sussex hole with a high tariff and just as much a card destroyer as the fourteenth, so be pleased with a four. Even a five may not hurt at this stage of the round.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 369
  • Stroke Index 15

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Pro's tip

Play your tee shot over or just left of the marker post and you will have a flat lie to play a testing second. Make sure you take enough club for your second, especially if the pin is on the left portion of the green, as there is a large mound that needs carrying if you are to have a chance of a birdie.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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