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The drive is into or over a valley and up a ridge across the fairway and must avoid two bunkers right. Beyond them is a third bunker making a carry across the dogleg an option only for big hitters. Thereafter, there is a further ridge to be carried by the second shot which must avoid or carry three bunkers right, the last one being closest to the front of the green. The fairway beyond the second ridge is bounded by heather both right and left and blind on the left to all landing spots. Oak and pines form the backdrop to the green, which is best approached into its left quarter. Pitches in are straightforward, save for pins cut extreme left where a green side bank can interfere. Putts are mostly flat and rarely much outside the hole.

This is a tough par four which yields to two good long strokes but, if played cautiously, should reward with a five at worst and a chance of a one putt par from good approach play.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 461
  • Stroke Index 5

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Pro's tip

Long hitters can get home in two but most should play up the left side of the fairway with the drive and second shot, to give a good chance of a pitch and putt par.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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