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This hole begins to define what West Sussex is all about. The right side of the fairway is bordered by heather all the way from tee to green. If you push your tee shot, mark the ball well as a lost ball is a real possibility. You can also abandon hope of a recovery shot onto the green, for a wedge out and a little forward is the more likely outcome of any visit into heather. The entire left side is tree lined with out of bounds that particularly threaten at driving distance.

The second shot is semi-blind due to a pair of ridges that cross the fairway about half way to the green and which trace the path of an old Roman road. The second shot must be struck long and true to hit the green, not just to carry the ridges, but to avoid green side run offs that send pushed shots further right or pulled shots further left. There is no longer a bunker on this hole, so recovery from a wayward second is a matter of good distance judgment, other than pin high right where a small bank to the green must be negotiated.

Walk off this hole with a par four and you should be very pleased indeed.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 412
  • Stroke Index 6

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Pro's tip

A straight drive is needed but if you are to err then the left rough is less penal than the heather right. The second is to a small green with "dead ground" in front causing many to under club: do not be fooled, it plays its length.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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