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Having safely negotiated the vast expanse of heather on the right of the second hole, you now face the same area in the opposite direction, to which must be added rough, heather and trees that define the left hand side from tee to green.

In contrast to the second hole, the tee shot is threatened by three bunkers on the right, the first which must be carried, and the other two which must be avoided by driving left. The ideal line is the pair of trees just to the left of the green. A short or mid iron second must avoid the left green side bunker, though anything pushed will in all probability fall off right and down a steep bank that challenges any recovery.

The front third of the green slopes back to the fairway, requiring good judgment of line and pace on putts to a hole cut at the front, or for any long putt to a hole cut at the back.

Good golf should be rewarded with a four at this hole, but it will be evident already as the course unfolds before you that errant strokes can easily lead to bogey or even worse on the card.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 367
  • Stroke Index 12

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Pro's tip

This is a dangerous tee shot as there are heather and bunkers right, so take care with your alignment from the tee and aim for the left half of the fairway, over the left edge of the first bunker. The ideal approach is just left of the pin and you may need an extra club if the pin is on the back of the green.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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