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This is a challenging dogleg left, though there is no corner to cut as such, merely an option to play tight down the left hand side. The bold tee shot is straight over a young tree that grows alone in a large expanse of heather. Further on sits an unseen fairway bunker to catch pulled drives, and more heather around and beyond the bunker, extending all down the left side to just short of the green. Because this heather is blind too, it is impossible to mark where your ball lands and a lost ball is a high risk. Consequently, the safer line is slightly to the right of the tree, but not so far right that you risk rough or heather on that side.

Once the tee shot is safely negotiated, the second shot is possibly a mid iron into a well set green, completely framed by tall pine trees, with a deep fairway bunker in front to catch any mishit shot. A very steep bank descends from the immediate left side of the green, so any shot left will run down it and into wild country best avoided if you value your score! Thankfully, the green is flat with subtle borrows so putting out for a par can be light relief here.

  • Par 4
  • Yards 383
  • Stroke Index 4

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Pro's tip

Do not be too greedy with your blind drive on this testing dog leg left. Take a club to get you around 220 yards from the tee and favour the right side of the fairway. This may give you a longer second shot but from a flatter lie and with a view directly down the green. Aim just right of the pin: you do not want to miss the green left here.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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