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This is the Club's most talked about hole but not a "signature" hole, as such, because it was originally designed as a short par four around a marshy area which guarded the green from a long abandoned tee.

The distant green is long and narrow with a severe slope from the back to the front, particularly over the front half, making downhill putts a real test of touch, line and nerve. To its left is a large mound, almost a hill of heather from which recovery to the green is not guaranteed should you find the errant ball. Nor is there much relief to the right, where a series of bunkers will challenge any recovery onto the green.

For the faint hearted, the fairway offers safety to a shorter shot, either straight or more usually to the right. But a mishit or underclub is fatal because a large pond gathers most. Finally, don't top your ball short because the large expanse of heather from tee to pond is particularly unforgiving and rarely yields a ball to anyone brave enough to venture in. If you make a three here, you have not just secured your par; you have survived and achieved much for the round as well.

This hole  was rated 96th in the TodaysGolfer Golf World Top 100 GB&I holes 2021 listing.

  • Par 3
  • Yards 226
  • Stroke Index 8

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Pro's tip

This is a wonderful short hole but one that needs care. The brave may go straight for the green, but the prudent may elect to play the more safe line to the right and rely on a difficult chip and putt for a par.

Tim ThornleyTim Packham


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