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Application For Membership

There are two ways of joining The West Sussex Golf Club as a new member. The usual way is through an existing member who must propose you with an introductory letter and seek support from several other members. If you are not known to members, there is an exceptional self proposing procedure which involves submitting a personal application letter and form plus support from suitable referees. Either way and once vetting and interviews have been completed satisfactorily, you can then be entered in a waiting pool of applicants from which new members may be selected from time to time. Once selected, you will be invited to join and become a member on payment of a joining fee and annual subscription.


Subscriptions are set annually and payable in half yearly instalments. For full members, the joining fee is a multiple of the annual subscription, though on a reducing scale if aged between 40 and 18. Payment of a joining fee by instalments can be arranged.


Membership Information
Full details of membership application procedures and current fees are available by request through your sponsoring member or directly from the club secretary if applying as a self proposer.