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Here Is A Copy Of The News Posted On The Noticeboard Section Of The Website:-

Today 26th April 2021 is our 90th Anniversary of the official opening on 26th April 1931.

What a wet day that was. 

Club archives record that future captain Charles Louis DuCane entertained Princess Helena Victoria (granddaughter of Queen Victoria) at  his home,  Fittleworth House, in order for the Princess to visit the Club on the official opening day originally planned as 25th April.  Sadly, incessant rain that day caused her visit to be cancelled.

It was rescheduled to the next day (Sunday) and here is a photograph of the well protected spectators on the first hole with Commander Hillyard leading centre stage as usual :-


Events planned thus far at the club for our Anniversary Year can be viewed using the other linked pages (Right)