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This is a very recent view of the 8th green at West Sussex with all  unrepaired or badly repaired pitch marks recorded using a range ball. Over 150 balls were needed to illustrate the extent of this problem.



Repairing a pitchmark is part of the etiquette of the game and a necessary courtesy to all who follow you. Repairing a pitchmark properly speeds up natural repair by the grasses.

This is good advice (from Todays Golfer) on how to repair :-

1.      Take your tool (or a tee) and insert the prongs into the turf at the far rim of the depression, rather than in the depression itself.

2.      Using a gentle, twisting motion, push the edge of the mark towards the centre.

3.      Flatten by gently tapping the surface using your foot or the sole of your putter.

A mark repaired within 10 minutes will fully recover within three days. A badly repaired or ignored one will take over a week to heal.

Here is a link to a video demonstrating correct repair of a pitchmark (made by Golf Monthly at West Hill)

                                REPAIR PITCHMARK