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Visitors dress code

Smart casual is the order of the day with the usual unacceptability of training shoes, flip flops, blue denim jeans/jackets, collarless shirts, sports vests, track suits and cargo shorts/trousers. On the course, tailored shorts are allowed together with either predominantly white sports socks that cover the ankle or knee-length socks of any colour. Accompanying caddies and spectators are requested to conform to these standards.

After the round, golf shoes are only permissible on the terrace and within the conservatory and conservatory bar area.

In the dining room, a jacket plus a tailored shirt is required for men and ladies should be appropriately dressed to suit the occasion. Ties for men are optional unless otherwise specified. Shorts may not be worn in the dining room at any time.

For guests of members or team members playing a match against West Sussex, additional dress codes may apply that should be viewed using this link:-   WSGC dress code Oct 2016